2015 / Radio Drama

One man in a coma and the whole town wants to talk to him.

2017 - Shortlist for European Grand Prix Nova
2015 - National PPI Award winner for Radio Drama

Written & Produced by Kevin McCann.

Series 1 co-written with Peter Murphy and edited with Séamus Callagy.

"Radio artistry at its very best" 
– Sunday Independent


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This drama series for Irish national radio explores 10 very different inner dramas from 5 women and 5 men.

  1. A doctor who has betrayed her childhood dreams defends her high status as she is too invested to turn back.
  2. A butcher tells the coma victim ‘I really enjoying inflicting misery on people’, then considers an apology to his wife and customers.
  3. A young girl next door confesses to becoming a school bully in order to survive in her new school.
  4. A once-popular priest seeks forgiveness for causing the suicide of one of his sinful flock.
  5. A mother of a coma victim whispers her sin in his ear, that her wish to be rid of him may indeed have come true in a cruel way.
  6. A father apologises to his son for neglecting him and hopes for a cycle of paternal abuse to be ended.
  7. On their anniversary, a coma victim is told by his loyal girlfriend that she has been tempted by infidelity for the first time at a recent disco.
  8. A selfish mé-féiner reveals to his best friend who lies in a coma, his plan to once again get out of trouble.
  9. A psychiatric patient with a new lease of life visits her friend in a coma to reveal that she is discarding her old friends, starting with him.
  10. A football manager who blames one of his substitution decisions for John’s coma, finally absolves himself from the years of guilt.


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