The Cure At Hand

2013 / RTÉ Radio Documentary

'The Cure at hand' was produced by Maccana Teoranta for RTE Radio 1 to explore faith healing and the cure in Ireland. Kevin McCann visits the seventh son of a seventh son and meets the people who attend him. Kevin himself seeks the cure for his own medical condition.

Since time immemorial, those suffering from various ailments and illnesses have believed in ancient remedies, healing hands, the power of prayer and people gifted with 'the cure'.

This documentary glimpses inside the hidden world of healers and those that claim to have been healed.

Produced / Presenter

Kevin McCann


Naoise Pye

Production Supervisor 

Liam O'Brien.

'The Cure at Hand' was funded through the Sound and Vision Scheme from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI)


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